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HeliumAmp Cavity Filter 915MHz

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915MHz Indoor Cavity Filter for Helium Network Miners

• Filter out all unwanted frequency interference signals

• Passive Filter Cavity Filter *No Power Needed

• Super Tuned Frequency Bandpass

• Operates from 902-928MHz with a 26MHz bandpass

• Good out-of-band suppression 60dB

• Provides surge/Lightning Protector/Arrestor (DC Short)

• RF connectors Type: N Female, N Male 

• 902-928MHz Full Band Lora Applications

• Reduce Interference Outside the ISM Band and Improves Performance

• Suitable for work in Helium network and 915MHz Lora IOT network

• Rugged Aluminum Construction

• For Indoor Use 



Bandpass Min frequency 902MHz -  Max frequency 928 MHz



Please allow 15-25 days for delivery as each unit is made on a per order basis.