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HeliumAMP® Bi-Directional 915MHZ INDOOR RF Amplifier +17db RX +6db TX for U.S.A. HELIUM MINERS With Bias Tee and Noise Suppression SAW Filter

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For INDOOR applications (Not for Outdoor Use -Not Waterproof)

• Bi-Directional RF Amplification 

• Built In High Quality "HNT Tuned" SAW Filter - Frequency 902 - 928 MHz 

• High speed switching between Tx/Rx 

• 1Watt peak output power 30 dBm

• Transmit Gain  +6db 

• Receive Gain +17db

• LOW Noise Figure <2.0 dB

(Noise Can Be Reduced Further for Improved Performance by Utilizing Additional INCLUDED *SAW Filter Between Antenna and Amp)

 • 902 MHZ Center Frequency External Saw Filter (*INCLUDED FREE*) 

• Power Consumption @ 6-18V

• Current Supply 430mA@Pout 30dBm 12V

• LED Indicator: Transmit: Green; Receive: Red

• Enclosure: Aluminum (Net Weight 0.06Kg)

• Dimension: 64.5*34.5*10mm - (2.54 inches *1.35 inches *.4 inches)

• RF connectors Type- Input: SMA-Female; Output: RP-SMA-Male

•  12v Bias Tee DC injector SMA Female (**Included**)

• Made in China


What You Get with Your Purchase:

1 - HeliumAMP Indoor RF Amplifier

1 - Bias Tee DC Injector

1 - Bias Tee DC Injector Power Supply 

1 - SMA M to RPSMA M- RG402 Cable 20 CM (7 inches)

1 - SMA M to SMA M- RG402 Cable 20 CM (7 inches)

1 - 902 MHZ SAW Filter $50.00 Value  INCLUDED FREE


Please allow 17-21 days for delivery as each unit is shipped priority, factory direct, from China.

*External SAW Filter Ships Separately. Please allow 21-30 days for delivery.